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Frequently Asked Questions

What is covered in the basic cost?

Rates for Ingleside, Inglehaven and Inglewood include: heat; air conditioning; electricity; water and sewer; basic cable TV service; housekeeping services; building maintenance, repair and upkeep, including the lawn, driveways and security; emergency response systems; and access to other personal and professional services.

Ingleside: Daily room rate also includes: 24-hour skilled nursing; three meals a day and snacks; routine supply items; personal laundry services; and scheduled activities; among other services.

Inglehaven: Monthly room rate also includes: 24-hour supervision; three meals a day; small refrigerator in each room; scheduled activities; scheduled services including: bathing assistance, housekeeping and laundry services.

Inglewood: Monthly rent includes: daily noon and evening meals; weekly housekeeping and laundry services; personal emergency response system; monthly wellness clinic; social activities and programs; individually controlled heating and cooling; and kitchen appliances.

What are the health requirements and why are they necessary for admission?

Ingleside: Prior to the day of admission each prospective patient/resident is responsible for the following:
    — Medical History and Admission Examination form, including admitting orders, must be completed and signed by a physician within 15 days prior to admission and submitted to Ingleside.
    — A doctor must be chosen by the resident/family/legal representative to be the primary physician for the resident while the resident is living at Ingleside. (Ingleside Resident and Family Services must be advised of this choice.) The physician must be aware of this choice and agree to be the resident's physician. Ingleside is a skilled nursing facility licensed by the State of Wisconsin, and follows the regulations for entry and residency established by the state.

Inglehaven: Inglehaven requires a completed application to be considered for residency and will conduct a pre-admission assessment. Additionally, prospective residents must have a medical examiniation by their physician, and submit the completed medical form to Inglehaven. The prosepctive resident must also be screened for tuberculosis by their physician and submit the results to Inglehaven. Inglehaven is a Community Based Residential Facility (CBRF) licensed by the State of Wisconsin, and follows the regulations for entry and residency established by the state.

Inglewood: Inglewood requires a completed application to be considered for tenancy. Tenants must have a medical examination and submit the completed medical form. Additionally, he/she must be screened for tuberculosis by their physician and the results submitted to Inglewood. Inglewood staff will also conduct an assessment for appropriateness. Inglewood is registered by the State of Wisconsin and follows the regulations for entry and tenancy established by the State.

What about a telephone?

Ingleside, Inglehaven & Inglewood: The patient/resident/tenant is responsible for contacting the Mt. Horeb Telephone Company and for making all of their own arrangments, including initation, monthly payments and supplying their own telephone.

What about a newspaper subscription?

Ingleside, Inglehaven & Inglewood: The patient/resident/tenant is responsible for contacting the newspaper company and for making all of his/her own arrangments including monthly payments. Staff at each facility will distribute the newspaper at the time it is delivered.

How much furniture or personal items can I bring?

Ingleside: We want to promote the most home-like atmosphere possible, so pictures, wall-hangings, TV, comforters, bedspreads, etc. are encouraged. There must be adequate space in the room for the items you wish to bring. The presence of these items may not infringe upon the rights of other residents, especially the roommate. Valuable breakable, sentimental items are often irreplaceable. Articles of value held by the resident are the responsibility of the resident and/or family. Good judgment should be exercised when deciding which items to bring.

Inglehaven: Inglehaven residents bring their own personal items and furniture; however, staff must be able to move around in the unit, to clean, and assist residents if needed.

Inglewood: We encourage tenants to utilize the floor plans provided to plan their furniture placement. Inglewood does not dictate what can be brought, however, staff must be able to move around in the apartment to clean and assist tenants if needed.

Can I get help with transportation to my medical appointments?

Ingleside: (for health purposes): The resident/family/legal representative is responsible for transportation to and from routinely scheduled and special appointments as needed if their physician of choice does not make scheduled visits to Ingleside. If family is unable to provide this transportation, Ingleside’s Health Unit Coordinator will make the necessary transportation arrangements and the cost will be the responsibility of the resident/family.

Inglehaven/Inglewood: Staff can assist in arranging transportation for appointments. There are fees associated with this service, which will show on the monthly invoice. For trips outside Mt. Horeb, Inglehaven and Inglewood staff can contact a medical transportation service to schedule trips. Fees for this service are billed directly by the transportation provider.

Do I need renter's insurance?

Ingleside, Inglehaven & Inglewood: We advise patients/ residents/tenants to obtain renter’s insurance or transfer their existing policy before moving to Ingle Living Communities. This should help reassure him/her in the event of loss or damage to their personal belongings.

Will my fees change?

Ingleside, Inglehaven & Inglewood: From time to time, Ingle Living Communities may need to change the fees charged. This may be a result of changes in the services provided or an increase in our costs. Patients/tenants/residents will be notified in advance of fee increases.

We do have hair care services available to patients, residents, and tenants in all three facilities.



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