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Inglenook Criteria for Admission

In order to provide appropriate care for Inglenook residents, some factors we consider upon admission to the unit include the resident’s cognitive ability, his/her ability to perform activities of daily living, behavior symptoms and ability to participate in activity programming.

The dementia resident’s needs assessment requires testing with dementia specific assessment tools in order to determine his/her capability to function within the Inglenook setting.

The following are additional criteria considered for admission to Inglenook:

  1. Have a diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease or other related dementia OR demonstrate cognitive loss as evidenced by disorientation, poor short and long term memory, poor decision making consistent with the GDS (Global Deterioration Scale) assessment.
  2. Score of 30 or less on “Criteria for Special Care Unit” assessment tool.
  3. Cannot safely be managed on other units of less restriction because he/she needs increased supervision (e.g. wandering).
  4. Exhibit safety judgment deficits or would disrupt non-confused residents’ privacy by wandering in/out of other residents’ rooms.
  5. Would benefit therapeutically from special unit activity programming/stimulation or other special unit staff interventions and is able to actively participate.
  6. Does not display aggressive behavior toward self or other residents.
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