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Inglenook Philosophy of Activity Programming

The programming for residents of Inglenook is intended to enhance and maintain the strengths and abilities of every resident on the unit within a safe environment. Activities are centered around addressing the needs, strengths and challenges of each individual participant.

The basis of this participant centered, individualized planning is sound information about the person’s personality, history, strengths and challenges. Despite disabilities, each person retains important strengths that need to be expressed. The overall goal of activity programming is to provide each resident with opportunities to maximize their independence while focusing on strengths and abilities and incorporating past hobbies/routines.

Appropriate, meaningful activities have a purpose that the resident can appreciate and endorse. They are voluntary. Meaningful activities respect the resident’s age and social patterns. They take advantage of the resident’s retained abilities. This provides security for the resident giving some sense of control. They are tailored to provide a sense of success, well-being and opportunities for quality interactions.

Activity programming is really “life-style” programming for it includes everything that the resident experiences during the day from their bath, a song or a smile. Thus activity programming is the responsibility of everyone who comes into contact with the resident.

Activity programming on Inglenook includes exercises, refreshments, music, trivia and current events, while at the same time offering each resident individualized programming based on their interests and abilities. Programming also includes involving residents in appropriate events off the unit with staff supervision, including outings, walks outside, parties and religious services.

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