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globeIngle Living Communities® ceased operations under that name in 2012 and is now Ingleside Manor. The website destination you are now at does not host that operation's site, but simply retains hosting of the webspace for whence the Ingleliving domain has historically resided. Going forward, it serves as a remnant repository for the Ingleliving domain and other remotely related or altogether unrelated purposes. Might you find your stay worth the while.

If you wish to visit the website of the Colorado-owned senior-care facility located on the edge of Mt. Horeb, Wisconsin — please click here to visit the new site.
    Other links of interest, which may well not be germane to the new site are listed below for your convenience and curiosity:

ASCII TABLES FOR THE WEB — This site's code page even includes the Extended ASCII codes, to help you post special characters, without which you might suffer from extended exasperation, if not desperation
MESSAGES FROM GRACE — Expository messages from Brian Beamer and Guest Speakers from mid-2015 and on
GRACE NETWORK™ † — Messages from the deeply exposited and well-examined Gospel teaching at Waunakee Church that closed its doors in April 2016.
THE CHAPEL® — Where our first pastor now preaches — Also hometown for the Zips
DOCSIS and VERSION 3.1 — A new gigabit specification is being rolled out across the U.S. Read more about it.
PROFUNDITY & PROSE — The beginnings of Mick's prose and seemingly random thoughts pressed into HTML.
THE WORLD OF RON — Get your hands on Hanzel, his categories of favorites as well as his service offerings, both PC tech and recycling.
HOSTS FILE — Hosts file location, totally unrelated link.

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